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The Problem

One large scale operation involved a large mining operation which required an assessment of the current political and security landscape due to an ever increasing threat from an Islamist terrorist group. The group was active in the neighbouring country, raiding local mines and committing acts of extreme violence.

What We Did

Via our network of advanced security and geopolitical advisors we were able to provide country specific intelligence briefings, tactical intelligence alerts, daily strategic alerts for the region and a number of other bespoke intelligence forecasts. We are able to provide this service around the world including high risk areas such as Asia, West Africa, North Africa and South America.

Group One Investigations provides our clients with the most up to date and comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services, from incident alerts to reviews of cultural and political trends, to strategic summaries of an entire region. We can assist with daily security briefs on matters relating to local instability and security concerns. This service assists in maintaining the safety of employees in volatile locations around the globe.

Client safety and security is at the forefront of what we do. We provide a concise and thorough overview of risk and threats at any given moment through Country risk and threat assessments, daily or periodic security briefs, Geopolitical security reports and live monitoring of events.

The Problem

The following real-world example shows how geo-political reports are vital for safety and security. Foreign miners and multinational mining companies have become at risk of attack from local militia and terrorism in West Africa. The Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, as well as local rebels, routinely attack mines to plunder resources and take westerners hostage for ransom. The rebels and terrorists have a history of attacking hotels, transportation routes and mines. These attacks are centred on removing foreigners and multinationals from Africa.

What We Did

Our geopolitical reports provide thorough assessments of the threat and risk to persons and industry. Local police forces and the military are often overwhelmed or cannot be trusted to keep large enterprises safe; our geopolitical reports provide security information for protective detail and environmental awareness.

The Results

Group One Investigations teams use our wealth of experience to collect information from a multitude of sources to provide the most accurate and up to date intelligence. Our service provides in-depth historical and present-day assessments of the security environment, live reporting of critical events, daily or periodic security briefing and up to date government advice. Our clients can trust that the threat and risks are outlined and mitigated to the best possible degree. For more information please contact us.

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