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No one deserves the uncertainty and the violation of trust that a cheater inflicts upon their partner. At Group One Investigations we have considerable experience in handling cases such as yours.

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Catch a Cheating Partner or Spouse


Group One Investigations provides tailored, client-satisfaction based solutions to your investigation and surveillance needs locally in Melbourne, domestically, and internationally. Whether you suspect your husband or wife of an extramarital affair, or your boyfriend or girlfriend has been behaving uncharacteristically distant, we can uncover the truth of the matter. Utilising only legal means, and adhering to strict confidentiality agreements, Group One Investigations will handle your case with the utmost care and discretion.

Read ahead to find out more about the process or contact us on 1800 181 880 or to arrange a free, confidential consultation.


Suspecting your husband or wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating on you is a distressing experience. You may second guess yourself and even feel guilty having suspected your partner in the first place. No one wants to think their loved ones are being dishonest or concealing information from them but, often, our intuition serves us well. In many cases, clients seek out the services of a private investigator and are ultimately proven right in their suspicions. Your intuition is valuable, and your gut feeling about your spouse can provide invaluable information about their activities.

At Group One Investigations we appreciate the motivational obstacle of taking the first step in seeking the truth when you're suffering undue uncertainty in your relationship. We understand that infidelity is a sensitive matter and handle the information we gather with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Thankfully, you visiting this page means you have an ace up your sleeve.

Common Signs of a Cheating Partner

There are innumerable indicators of possible infidelity. Of course, your partner or spouse displaying any of these qualities won’t necessarily mean they are cheating, but overlapping instances of any of the following could give you some clues as to their duplicitous character:

  • Changes in appearance and grooming habits: Intimate undergarments that don’t match the occasion.
  • Sudden increases or decreases in intimacy: Going out of their way to display an excess of affection could be an indicator of compensating for infidelity.
  • Inconsistencies about their whereabouts: Your partner says they were at their bestie’s place last night, yet when that same close friend bumps into you in town they mention that they haven’t been spending any time with your partner at all lately.
  • Secretive about their online activities: Meticulous attempts to obfuscate their browser/search history or online communications could be an indicator that they have something to hide.
  • Peculiar work schedule: A sudden propensity to “work late” or participate in numerous “work related social events”.
  • Your partner is defensive when you ask about their whereabouts or unavailability: An almost aggressive need to avoid the topic when pressed on their whereabouts is a dead giveaway that something is amiss.
  • Mysterious credit card charges and call logs.
  • Uncharacteristic eagerness to run errands: Picking up items you already have enough of or spending unusual amounts of time running those errands.
  • You can tell something is off: This is the most important sign. Obviously you could be wrong, but the greatest indicator of possible infidelity has often been our clients’ instincts on the matter.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Why You Should Hire Group One Investigations to Catch a
Cheating Partner or Spouse:

  • We provide an objective outlook: When dealing with matters of the heart maintaining an unbiased perspective can be difficult. But as individuals with lives of our own, we not only provide the expertise of our trade as private investigators, but we are invested in cases of infidelity while capable of maintaining our objectivity. Though it may not be our significant others being investigated, we know the feeling of uncertainty associated with the matter and will investigate with care.
  • We work proactively to avoid detection and have extensive experience in operating covertly: Our investigators come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including former police and military.
  • Manpower: Attempting to uncover the truth on your own may leave you overwhelmed. At Group One Investigations we have considerable resources at our disposal, along with world-class expertise and experienced staff.
  • We gather thorough evidence: Our investigation will provide you with the cold, hard facts to support you on your next move. Whether that’s confronting your significant other on their infidelity or employing the evidence in a legal proceeding, the comprehensive report we provide you with at the conclusion of the investigation will give you the evidence you need to support your case.
  • We have assets and resources available worldwide: If you suspect that your significant other engages in infidelity while traveling, you can rest assured that state and national borders won’t prevent us from conducting an investigation.
  • You have the best information available to decide your next move: Confronting your spouse on their infidelity without the evidence to support your claim could lead to them just operating more discreetly. Whereas having the evidence to support your claim can assist making an informed decision about whether to abandon the relationship or attempt to salvage it.

It is best to leave the legwork to us as attempting to uncover the truth yourself could open you up to breaches of privacy or, if you're wrong about your partner, could cause irreparable to the relationship.


  • Consultation: We will meet with you so that we can gain a full and comprehensive overview of your wants and needs in regard to the investigation. This consultation is free, as we are experts in our craft and have full confidence in our ability to satisfy your needs.
  • We will set a course of action based on the information you have provided us and also exercise our professional discretion on how to approach the investigation.
  • We operate covertly so that your partner isn't aware they're being surveilled. Group One Investigations utilises only the best covert surveillance techniques and make the most up-to-date equipment in the industry.
  • We will routinely update you with salient details of the investigation so that you're kept up to date with the activities of your spouse, and our progress relating to the investigation.
  • Once all of the information has been gathered, we'll provide you with a comprehensive report so that you can decide the next best course of action, and we can also provide recommendations based on our findings.

Group One Investigations provides a free consultation with cost effective investigative solutions to resolve your suspicion in a discreet and professional manner. Upon completion of the investigation we will provide you with a detailed activity report with exhaustive information about their activities. Choosing a licensed, private investigator to investigate the infidelity is the best means by which to ensure the truth about your partner's activities are ascertained.



If you’ve read this far, it’s clear that something has happened to rouse this suspicion about your partner. Group One Investigations is Melbourne’s premiere private investigation firm. We are committed to uncovering the truth in all matters and are determined in reaching that goal. To that end, our Director favours a hands-on approach and is involved with each and every one of our investigator’s cases to ensure that they are concluded to the satisfaction of the client.

We provide free consultations 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, so please contact us on 1800 181 880 or to get in touch with our team. Don’t second-guess yourself out of knowing the truth. End the unnecessary uncertainty today.