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Information is power, and the most elegant solution to making a decision under uncertain circumstances, is to remove uncertainty from the scenario with the help of an accomplished investigator. With our extensive experience in corporate and private investigations, we will provide you with the advantage of knowing the truth about a person, organisation, or situation.

When it comes to an individual’s background or activities, rarely will they provide you with the full picture, not necessarily out of ill-intent, although it’s often the case that they have something to hide. This makes it necessary for you to find alternative means of uncovering the truth. This is where Group One Investigations excels. There are a number of privacy laws and regulations that prevent access to certain information on a person, however with over 20 years of experience in investigations and the application of out-of-the-box thinking, we use legal means of discovering the relevant facts hidden in the details.

The benefit of satisfying your curiosity is the clarity of knowing that you’ve acquired information that allows for the best choice possible. If, on the other hand, your suspicion about a person is proven false, you are no longer left in a state of doubt and have peace of mind about the situation.

Group One Investigations: Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and the home of Group One Investigations. We provide private investigation services to businesses and private individuals throughout Melbourne. We wield the fullest mastery over our craft and the most cutting-edge technologies in the surveillance and information industries. All of our investigators are fully licenced and are a member of the World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.)

Our detectives have experience ranging from police and military intelligence, to lawyers who are intimately familiar with the law and the esoteric legalese that accompanies it. We have access to a powerful database and some of the best technology in the industry. If you suspect that your car, house or office is bugged, give us a call and we will assuage your concerns by detecting these devices with our top of the line bug sweep equipment, or prove that you can rest easy by demonstrating the lack of hidden devices. Perhaps you’ve had interactions with a dubious person in your neighbourhood and want to be certain of their intentions, we can run on a background check on them or monitor their behaviour.

We Operate Domestically and Internationally

Although we operate out of Melbourne, we have limitless resources worldwide. We can activate our overseas assets at a moments notice, allowing for expedient and cost-effective operations anywhere in the world. Our team cooperates with companies across the globe that assists us with surveillance and critical information gathering operations overseas. If you require information about an individual, group or location abroad, we can organise the personnel anywhere in the world. Imagine your recently graduated son or daughter is taking their first trip overseas. This can be daunting for any parent, even if you know they’re travelling with trusted friends. An investigator can ensure their safety and keep you updated about their movements and activities. Or maybe you have a debtor who purports to be unable to settle a debt and yet has travelled overseas, we will uncover the paper trail that reveals their location and can gather evidence of spending and a lifestyle that doesn’t match their claims.

Free Consultations


Group One Investigations offers dependable, results driven investigative solutions, meaning that our clients’ satisfaction is of primary importance to us in the conduct of our operations. Client satisfaction is central to our ethos. This means that we will be expedient in our work, without sacrificing on quality, and will always aim to provide you with comprehensive information in a timely fashion, ensuring that we will be diligent in our work to reduce costs. In line with this ethic, we are an experienced team who are confident in our abilities and our capacity to deliver unparalleled results. As such, we provide free consultations so you can be rest assured that we have a full understanding of your needs.

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We provide our premier services around the clock. Time is valuable, and we appreciate that some curiosities just need to be satisfied, whatever the time may be. There is no time like the present, and if an intuition is keeping you awake at night, don’t ignore your instincts.

Contact our office on 1800 181 880 or to arrange a free consultation, and enjoy an obligation-free chat with our skilled investigators. Visit the Group One Investigations office today, located at Level 2/108 Power Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122.