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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Case One

Client receives information that a franchisee is trading under a number of other names in breach of their contact, after a well-executed series of surveillance our Group One investigators were able to provide sufficient information enabling our client to proceed with legal action.


Case Two

An investigation into an online scammer resulted in Group One investigators tracking the fraudster down. The subject had gone to great length to not only hide his identity but also any information relating to his current place of residence, vehicle registration / ownership details etc.

The subject was moving around the city staying at a number of caravan parks and hostels plying his trade then moving on so as to remain anonymous. Our experienced surveillance unit was able to track the subject down they then conducted surveillance on the subject gathering important information as to the subject’s movements, places visited, contacts and hidden assets all derived from monies eared from scamming unsuspecting Australians and foreigners.


Case Three

The family of a young women were concerned that their daughter was involved in drugs. Due to this person having a young child her constant mood swings and erratic behaviour the family decided to engage a private investigator to provide video evidence of her day to day activities.

On instruction from the family surveillance was conducted on a daily basis for a two week period in this time investigators were able to obtain video evidence of the young women’s drug dependency problem this  included video evidence of theft, associating with undesirable persons at train stations and shopping malls, being spoken to by police and remaining out on the streets until late at night then staying at various properties most of the time affected by drugs and all the time with her young child accompanying her.

At the end of the investigation the family confronted their daughter with the video evidence; the young girl was admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre with her parents caring for her child.  The video evidence provided the proof the family needed to take the next step and arrange rehabilitation and counselling, the young women was not able to argue the point as the camera doesn’t lie.


Case Four

Clients concerns about her husband’s international money transfers to an unknown Asian bank account and the name of an unknown female from a well-known hotel chain lead to a Group One investigator travelling to the South East Asian country and conducting an extensive investigation. Our investigator identified the female in question and was able to obtain information which exposed the female as a working girl within the hotel unbeknown to the hotel management.

Our investigator was able to obtain (through an intensive covert surveillance operation) the number of hotel guests the female was seeing as a prostitute under the disguise of a legitimate hotel employee (the female was employed as a hotel maid), the females full name and address, bank account details etc.

These types of investigations are common with partners often curious as to their partner’s activities when on business trips both in Australia and overseas.


Case Five: The Missing Debtor

Client, Ron, contacted us in need of our skip tracing services. Ron was a business owner who had been supplying a café for a number of years. However, in the months leading up to the business closing, the debtor was slow to pay with the outstanding invoices non-payments increasing.

Once the business closed down, the debtor conveniently vanished, leaving Ron with only the debtor’s name and mobile number.

After Ron contacted us, our highly skilled team of skip tracers was able to successfully locate the debtors new address. Within three days, we had judgment orders served on the individual, which soon led to the recovery of all outstanding monies.

Group One Investigations has a professional skip tracing department able to assist with locates not only in Australia but also internationally.


Case Six: Background checks

Our team is regularly contacted by both corporate and domestic clients in need of background checks. For a variety of reasons, some common background checks do include the following:

  • Resume verification
  • Social media
  • Court judgments
  • Criminal convictions search
  • Banned and disqualified directors
  • Business ownership and asset searches (Land)
  • Pre-marriage checks – Assets, job verification, social activities


Our specialist investigators have the experience and resources to deliver the results you require as you can see in the above case studies the variety of investigations vary considerably all cases are unique requiring specialist investigators, don’t risk your sensitive matter being investigated by substandard, ill equipped inexperienced investigators. Contact us now!