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  • Counter Espionage
  • Electronic Bug Sweep/ TSCM
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  • Government Corruption & Fraud
  • Hidden Asset Search (FININT)
  • High Net-Worth Individuals & High-Profile Divorce Support Services & Asset Searches
  • International Debt Collection
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Counter Espionage

Group One Investigations has conducted many counter espionage projects exposing electronic bugging of corporate offices, houses and vehicles. Our highly skilled operators regularly conduct Electronic Bug...

Hidden Asset Search (FININT)

Our global Hidden Asset Searches are utilised by lawyers, accountants, corporation and domestic clients to check for and uncover hidden assets of individuals for use in...

High Net-Worth Individuals & High-Profile Divorce Support Services & Asset Searches

When divorce cases get nasty, reputations are on the line. Some high net worth individuals such as actors, politicians, sporting identities have used our investigative services...

Government Corruption & Fraud

Matters relating to Government Corruption and Fraud have involved us undertaking investigations such as asset tracing overseas. We have uncovered secret accounts through extensive surveillance operations...

International Debt Collection

Group One Investigation teams have been involved in a number of high-ticket debt collection cases from luxury boats moored in Monaco to helicopters, aeroplanes and vehicles...

Geopolitical Advisory

The Problem One large scale operation involved a large mining operation which required an assessment of the current political and security landscape due to an ever...