When divorce cases get nasty, reputations are on the line. Some high net worth individuals such as actors, politicians, sporting identities have used our investigative services to assist in a variety of matters ranging from:

  • Employee background checks
  • TSCM (electronic bug) screening and monitoring
  • Security risk assessment
  • Checking the background of potential partners
  • Close protection
  • Surveillance
  • Mobile phone forensic services and more
The Problem

When divorce is imminent our team has been tasked to monitor the activities of partners to establish if money is being transferred, properties are being rented or purchased under associates names, and if on overseas holidays bank accounts are being opened and funds diverted.

What We Do

During divorce cases our team will also monitor meetings between lawyers and ex partners. Monitoring the activities of individuals during court cases ensures the safety of our clients and prevents intimidation and other illegal acts.

The Results

Our advanced global asset search capability has time and time again been the cornerstone to uncovering the true financial position of an individual and exposing hidden international accounts, offshore companies, properties and stocks. If you need a global hidden asset search conducted on your behalf, please contact us.

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