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Corporate and Private Surveillance

In an ideal world we could take what people say at face value. Unfortunately, in our image-conscious world, interactions with others are rife with facades and guises. This isn’t always out of malice or ill intent, but is often employed as ingratiating behaviour, for example a person might want to better their chances of getting the job, or hopes to appear less flawed so as to ensure the commitment of a potential romantic partner. In other cases malevolence and spite may be the true motivators for their duplicity. The best way to sort out the sincere from the disingenuous is to peer behind the curtain, and to truly know how a person behaves without their mask.


Please, read ahead to find out more about how we learn the truth of a situation, or simply contact us on 1800 181 880 or for free consultation.

Why Choose Surveillance?

Corporate and Private Surveillance is the covert gathering of information by way of photographic/video evidence and detailed reports on activities. Surveillance yields considerable benefits and advantages to the recipient of the intelligence. Whether you’re getting the upper hand by confirming a suspicion or simply gaining peace of mind from learning that a suspicion is unfounded, surveillance is the ultimate tool in knowing the truth of a situation. Not only do we surveil organisations and individuals, but we also monitor residences, places of work, remote locations, friends, family, loved ones, valuable assets, places of interest and more.

Group One Investigations utilises both our years of experience in private investigations and the very latest technology to surveil an organisation or individual. Our Director’s hands on involvement in every case and direct collaboration with each of our investigators ensures the success of our information gathering and the resolution of every case to the fullest extent possible. We value bespoke solutions and, as such, we provide our services in a manner that matches the best outcome for you, our client.

You won’t be left in the dark during an investigation, as you’ll receive routine updates on our progress and detailed activity reports on the subject being surveilled. We provide objective intelligence and will abstain from value judgements, opting instead to provide unbiased solutions congruent with the outcome you desire. All of our operations and activities are conducted using only legal means with the strictest regard for the law, so you have full confidence in not only our expertise as private investigators but also that the evidence gathered will be fully serviceable if intended for use in court.

How is Evidence Used in an Investigation?

Once actionable information has been gathered we compile our findings into an activity report for your perusal. This will contain comprehensive information about the organisation, person or location of interest, and can include images and/or video footage either confirming or disproving your initial suspicion. This can then be used at your discretion.

For example we may have proven spousal or partner infidelity, and the unfaithful husband, wife, or partner might attempt to double down on their deceit. There is no evidence like physical evidence, and you can confidently put them in their place on the matter with a detailed file on their activities.

Maybe you have a vindictive neighbour who is damaging your property while you’re out. You know it’s them, but you just can’t quite prove it yet. Group One Investigations can carefully plan an operation to catch them in the act. And, following the accumulation of photographic evidence, hidden camera footage, and other covert means, you can be assured of your success in the ensuing court proceedings detailing their transgressions.

Corporate Surveillance

Corporate Surveillance is an essential activity in gathering evidence and building a case. For example, This type of information is especially useful in disproving a fabricated illness or injury if an employee uses their invented condition to get out of work or if they’re attempting to claim compensation for a contrived injury.

Perhaps you have an aged care or disability worker who’s rumoured or suspected of being abusive toward his or her patients when no one else is around, but is always on their “best behaviour” while being watched by others. We can provide legal, covert surveillance to document their misconduct so that you have the evidence needed to fire them and ensure that they face justice.

Need to enforce a debt? An individual may owe money to your organisation, and continued surveillance will often reveal interesting facts about a person. The debtor will typically claim that they cannot pay back money that is owed but will be demonstrated to be fully capable, just unwilling, to pay back a financial debt. We can engage in surveillance to gather photographic and video evidence of them out shopping and living luxuriously and, where possible, can even uncover a papertrail of expenses to add to your overall case against them.

Other Corporate Surveillance Services

  • Employee theft and countermeasures
  • Uncover corporate betrayal and breaches of contract
  • Counterfeit claims
  • And more!

Private Surveillance

Whether you have a suspicion about your current partner or a potential romantic commitment, or simply want information on someone you’re curious about, or perhaps you want to know the details of an individual of questionable character, private surveillance is always a worthwhile option. If you are being harassed or suspect that you are being stalked we can covertly acquire evidence of the harassment or stalking respectively.

Is your house or place of business being vandalised? We have the resources to execute a surveillance operation to capture evidence of the vandals in the act. Whether it’s simple hooligans or a spiteful neighbour with a vendetta against you, we won’t let their deeds go undetected.

Spousal Infidelity - You suspect that your husband or wife is having an affair, and they may be using dubious excuses like having sudden unexpected “meetings” or have to perform questionable overtime, but you have noticed that this is clearly a sudden and out of place break from routine. We will use our expertise to follow them and employ surveillance techniques to compile detailed reports with pertinent details either confirming your suspicion, or we may be able to prove that they were in fact being truthful, providing you with peace of mind.

Other Private Surveillance Services:

  • Monitor your home while you’re away/ document house sitter behaviour
  • Monitor babysitter’s activities while your children are under their care
  • Gather evidence for child custody proceedings
  • Follow a loved one you suspect of substance abuse/ gambling addiction to help stage an intervention
  • Monitor your teenager becoming involved with the wrong crowd/ toxic influences/ etc
  • Finding a long lost relative or old flame
  • Prove a parent/ guardian isn’t suitable/ is ill-equipped to take care of a child
  • And more!

Don’t let yourself agonise over a suspicion, keeping yourself awake at night speculating needlessly. Group One Investigations are specialists in this field who have invaluable experience in this field and have already resolved countless cases like yours.