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Whether you have been a victim of fraud or suspect someone of corruption, Group One Investigations is Melbourne’s premier private investigation company providing fraud and corruption investigation solutions.

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Fraud & Corruption Investigation Services


Read ahead to find out more about how we can achieve the best results for you and uncover the truth about a malevolent individual or institution attempting to defraud you, or how we can prove the corruption of an individual using illegitimate means to improve their position, and provide you with the evidence to prove it. Contact Group One Investigations on 1800 181 880 or for a free consultation.

What Does Fraud and Corruption Look Like?


Fraud is the employment of deception in an attempt to extract money or property, including intellectual property, from an individual or organisation. Often this will entail the use of falsified documents or credentials and manipulation of information for personal financial gain, or the contrived elevation of one’s position. This can either be enacted by internal parties, or external parties conspiring against your business or organisation, or the organisation as a whole behaving in an unlawful and unprincipled fashion against an external individual or enterprise.


Corruption involves unethical activities in which a person exploits their position of authority or trust in order to achieve personal gain or provides an advantage or disadvantage to another person or enterprise. Whether it’s conflicts of interest, accepting or offering bribes, blackmail, misappropriation of funds, nepotism and favouritism, the unauthorised release of information, and more, you will know it when you see it.

Honest mistakes are, of course, not examples of fraud or corruption, and do not count. Fortunately, if you aren’t able to tell the difference, we are able to discern whether or not an unscrupulous act has occurred and will proceed accordingly. If the suspected parties are innocent then you can simply enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your business associates or competitors are fair and honest.


Fraud and Corruption Investigation Solutions


At Group One Investigations we’ve built a team of investigators comprised of a rich and varied range of backgrounds and expertise, including ex-police, former military personnel, and legal experts well acquainted with the legal framework, who will all ensure that the insidious schemers who’ve attempted to defraud you, either successfully or unsuccessfully, are identified and located. We will work not only to prove or disprove the suspected fraud or corruption but can also provide recommendations on how best to protect your business against the negative impacts of fraud and corruption.


As with all of our operations, we will conduct our covert surveillance and information gathering using only legal means, and under strict confidentiality agreements. We will always ensure that your anonymity is protected and that any inquiries associated with the investigation cannot be traced back to you. If you suspect an individual or organisation of fraud or corruption in any form, ranging from theft of intellectual property, to the buying or selling of privileged information, to accounting that seems a little too on the “creative” side for your tastes, contact us immediately for a free consultation.


Following the initial consultation, we will:

  • Provide an investigation tailored to your needs with strategies in place to ensure the most fruitful and cost-effective outcome for you.
  • Commence the expedient and covert collection of evidence, and the surveillance and monitoring of the suspected individuals or organisations, to detect and document instances of underhanded activities.
  • Inspect and analyse financial records, information systems, or other data that can provide forensic verification of misconduct.
  • Pinpoint the financial, property, or reputational losses caused by the fraud or corruption.
  • Provide an exhaustive final report that can be used in court.

With over twenty years experience, and a director who favours a hands-on approach in all investigations, no matter how large or small, Group One Investigations provides expert fraud and corruption solutions. Given our experience and familiarity with cases such as this, we can also provide preventative recommendations on organisational protections against future acts of disrepute by identifying structural risks. We are dedicated to our craft and steadfast in our activities. Whether you need a determined private investigator in Melbourne, anywhere else in Australia, or abroad, Group One Investigations offers a quality service while ensuring a cost-effect and client-focused outcome.



Don’t forget that we provide a free consultation. Our gut instincts have played a crucial role in our survival for millennia and, especially now in the Digital Age, it’s essential that we avoid the complacency of believing that technology will do all the thinking for us. Often our clients’ intuitions are proven correct, so contact Group One Investigations on 1800 181 880 or at any time, all year round, and tell us your suspicions, and we’ll set an investigation in motion for you.