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Whether you're anxious about the loss of precious or sentimental data, or need a suspicion about an online communication resolved, Group One Investigations is your first port of call for data recovery and forensic solutions in Melbourne.

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Data Recovery and Forensic Services


Group One Investigations provides specialist Data Recovery and Forensic Services to both private and corporate clients in Australia and abroad. Our data extraction and internet based investigations are conducted under the purview of strict confidentiality agreements. We are licensed by the Australian Government and conduct every operation, no matter how intensive, using only legal means, so you can enjoy our full range of investigative solutions confident that we will protect your information and anonymity with the utmost care. For a free consultation contact us at any time on 1800 181 880 or email

What is Data Recovery and Digital Forensics?


In the Digital Age so much of our daily life is spent online, whether we’re staying up late chatting with friends and family, shopping online, or managing our money with online banking. This convenience is, of course, a double-edged sword. As technology develops, so too do criminals and their enterprises, not to mention the ease with which other types of nefarious and untoward behaviours are facilitated, such as cheating or stalking. Bad actors will often exploit weaknesses in the security of our personal devices, computers, online accounts, social media interactions, and more, to gain access to valuable information and will attempt to mask or hide their activities. Fortunately, as the technology to facilitate these crimes advances, so too do the professional methods and techniques practiced to detect these attempts of identity theft, fraud, corruption, et cetera.


Digital devices, just like any physical space, can be navigated forensically. Information inside a digital device can be extracted and examined to provide an investigative framework, just like physical paper trails and crime scenes in the real world. Our clients may opt for data recovery and digital forensics to extract information from a device even if it has been deleted or an attempt has been made to physically damage the device. Criminals and other malicious actors are often unaware of how painstakingly difficult it is to remove their digital footprints, and their clumsy attempts to obfuscate the evidence is often what leads to their discovery. Group One Investigations employs technologies at the frontier of the industry that assist in the intact recovery of lost or deleted data as smoothly as possible, and without overwriting your valuable information. We operate within the confines of the law of whichever city, state, or country we are conducting our investigation in, to ensure that we provide you with admissible evidence that can be used in court.


We can extract deleted data from both electronic devices, to data deleted from social media accounts, and other types of services and applications on the internet.



  • Mobile phones and SIM cards.
  • Smartphones and tablets.
  • Personal computers and laptops.
  • USB drives and external hard drives.
  • GPS devices.


  • Social media accounts: Facebook (including Facebook Messenger), Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, et cetera.
  • Online banking accounts.

We can recover or detect:

  • Sentimental media such as pictures or videos.
  • Images, videos, text messages, call history, and location history.
  • Emails and browsing history.
  • Social media exchanges that have been deleted.
  • Spyware, malware, keyloggers and other harmful software.

What we can learn:

  • Whether or not your partner or spouse is attempting to hide something from you.
  • Attempts by business partners or employees to delete or encrypt unauthorised uses of a company’s information.
  • Attempts to mask or hide activities including scams, fraud, corruption, et cetera.

We highly recommend that you seek the services of a trained digital expert as we utilise a broad variety of industry specific technologies and equipment, as attempts to use lesser or consumer-grade products by an untrained individual could lead to precious data being overwritten, and lacking the experience and training to make sense of the information typically leads to misinterpreting the evidence incorrectly. Group One Investigations takes great care in handling the information of our clients with great care and discretion. We will only ever extract data from your device and never install software or overwrite your data. We operate using only legal means under the strictest confidentiality agreements and will always protect your anonymity. At the conclusion of the data recovery and/or forensic analysis we will provide you with a detailed report and the requested data. Where applicable our legal experts will be able to discern the manner in which the findings can be used in court.



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