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At Group One Investigations, our expert teams offer extensive local knowledge, with a global reach. With access to professional, skilled and discreet investigators and services across the world, no investigation is outside our scope. We work within local and global laws to ensure each investigation is untaken legally, and to provide maximum results for minimum risk.

Group One Investigations has 0ver 400 skilled associates in 70 countries spanning six continents. We can confidently arrange services in any country, in any language.

Below is a brief introduction to the range of services and capabilities we are able to provide. To learn more, check our FAQ section or contact us online or alternatively through the details on our Contact Page.

Counter Espionage


One of Group One Investigation’s areas of expertise is counter espionage (or counterintelligence, to use another term). In a nutshell, spying on anyone who is spying on you. In counter espionage investigations, we work to identify and counteract activities which cause a threat to personal, professional and corporate security. These threats can come from hostile intelligence organisations or from individuals engaged in espionage or sabotage, subversion or even terrorism. Private investigative counter espionage investigations can protect you and your company from theft, fraud, untrustworthy employees, and dishonest competitor practices and ensure your corporate security is tight, protecting you from corporate espionage both at your physical premises and online.

Group One Investigations has decades of experience in counter espionage.


Our highly skilled team uses state of the art equipment and innovative techniques to facilitate effective investigations which bring our clients peace of mind. Some common investigative techniques used in counter espionage are:

  • Collective Counterintelligence - gaining information about an opponent’s intelligence collection capabilities
  • Defensive Counterintelligence - thwarting efforts by hostile intelligence services to penetrate the service
  • Offensive Counterintelligence - having identified an opponent’s efforts against the system, we can manipulate these attacks by “turning” the opponent’s agents into double agents or feeding them false information on which to report

To talk to us about our corporate espionage capabilities, click here.

Hidden Asset Search / Finint


Finding hidden assets, offshore companies and bank accounts is an endeavour which requires an expert with a global reach.

Corporations, Governments and high net-worth individuals at times require our services to investigate embezzlement, corruption or to assist in locating hidden assets during high profile divorce cases. This type of case can also include locating offshore company structures, UBO’s (ultimate beneficial owners) and associated bank accounts.

Group One Investigations also works across FININT. Financial intelligence (FININT) is the gathering of information about the financial affairs of entities of interest, to understand their nature and capabilities, and predict their intentions. Analysis may consist of scrutinising a large volume of transactional data using data mining or data-matching techniques to identify persons potentially engaged in a particular activity. Alternatively, data mining or data-matching techniques may be employed to identify persons potentially engaged in a particular activity.


Examples of financial intelligence analysis include:

  • Detecting taxpayers trying to avoid their fiduciary obligations by moving wealth surreptitiously out of a tax-levying jurisdiction
  • Discovering safe havens where criminals park the proceeds of crime
  • Accounting for how a large sum of money handed to a targeted individual disappears (money laundering)
  • Checking to see if a corrupt individual has had any sudden and unexplained windfalls

To learn more about hidden asset searches or our FININT capabilities, please contact us online or through the details on our Contact Page.

High Net Worth Individuals
High Profile Divorce Support Services & Asset Search


High net-worth clients retain our investigative services for a variety of reasons. We may employ such tactics as covert implementation of undercover agents to seek out and investigate management fraud and theft. We can also uncover poor management practices of agents, or investigate whether management teams are stealing money and or misappropriating funds via invoice fraud or other methods.

V.I.P’s also enlist our services for security measures from Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) such as Bug Sweeps, to pre-employment background checks on all individuals seeking employment from the gardener to the nanny. Click here to learn more about TSCM.


At times high-net worth individuals call on our services to investigate their partner, such as in cases of suspected adultery or a covert asset search prior to divorce proceedings taking place. It is always recommended to act on your suspicions prior to the other party becoming aware so that you maintain the upper hand - especially when millions of dollars are on the line.

We offer a wide range of investigative, asset tracing, offshore company and bank account tracing services plus an in-depth investigative service focused on the assets and behaviour of a partner, both during the relationship and once divorce proceedings take place. Our global reach allows us to take on with confidence any High Profile Divorce Matter with extreme confidence that we can deliver exceptional intelligence data to assist our clients both prior to and during a divorce proceeding.

To learn more about the capabilities of Group One Investigations in this area, click here.


Government Corruption and Fraud Support Services

Group One Investigations has extensive experience working with foreign Governments who are actively involved in investigating members of Parliament through to Ex-Presidents involved in corruption and political corruption allegations. With this we use our specialised asset tracing, offshore company and account tracing services. We have extensive experience in this field. A common investigation of this nature would involve surveillance on an individual when meeting suppliers abroad to discuss contracts and purchasing of goods and services. We have observed individuals whilst abroad on such business visit banking institutions either before or after official Government meetings to set up foreign bank accounts where kickbacks are deposited. We’ve also investigated high-end purchases such as Real Estate, boats, expensive jewellery, trips to the casino and so on.

We also have experience in assisting current day Governments trace assets connected to ex heads of state and exposing them for serious corruption offences. To find more information on our Government Corruption and Fraud Support Services, click here.

Geopolitical Advisory

Political risk is the risk an investment’s returns could suffer as a result of political changes or instability in a country. Political risk is also known as “geopolitical risk,” and becomes more of a factor as the time horizon of investment gets longer. Group One Investigations has extensive experience in this highly specialised area. Some situations where Geopolitical Advisory services might be required include:

  • Security Environment Assessments
  • Monitoring Services
  • Current Events Analysis
  • Country Risk and Regional geopolitical stability assessment
  • Benefits / i.e. risk reduction, preparation, impact on planning and insurance / allocation of staff

To discuss your Geopolitical Advisory needs please contact us online or through the details on our Contact Page.

Electronic Bug Sweep/ Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

The TSCM (Technical Service Counter Measures) inspection, commonly known as a “bug sweep” is a check to ensure that there is no possibility of conversations being overheard by others, and is usually conducted in an office or meeting place. A TSCM survey is the service provided by our qualified personnel to detect the presence of surveillance devices and hazards and to identify technical security weaknesses. It is also to ensure that there is nothing that could compromise the security and confidentiality of an area by the use of technical audio surveillance devices. Group One Investigations uses the latest, top of the range equipment for all such investigations to ensure nothing is missed and offer our clients total privacy and peace of mind. To find out more about TSCM and Group One’s capabilities in this area, click here.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting combines accounting, auditing and investigative skills to conduct a detailed examination into the finances of an individual or business. As the name implies it is extremely technical in nature and requires experienced experts to undertake work of this nature. Forensic accounting is frequently used in fraud and embezzlement cases to explain the nature of a financial crime in court. Group One Investigation’s Forensic Accountants deliver specialised, expert services worldwide. Our capabilities and global skills are such that we can provide you with access to a team member in your location, travel to your location and/ or data can be sent securely to our forensic team from anywhere in the world.

For more information, please contact us online above or through our Contact Page.

International Debt Collection

In our international debt collection operations, we undertake to pursue delinquent amounts and foreign debts from individuals and companies on a nationwide level. These debts can be tricky to recover and it is highly recommended that you use a professional and experienced investigative service such as Group One Investigations to pursue debt outside your location of operation, to avoid falling foul of local laws and restrictions. To talk to one of our international debt collection specialists, please click here.

Secure Communication


Group One Investigation’s top of the range equipment and highly skilled personnel can provide total peace of mind that your communication is secure. Our services will ensure that whoever you are communicating with, no party can listen in by using our technical and specialised know-how to allow you to communicate in person, on the phone and online in a way not susceptible to eavesdropping or interception.

We have worked with a range of clients to protect their lines of communication from Public companies to Government agencies and high net worth individuals. We have also worked across a range of investigations such as protecting sensitive intellectual property, securing travel in sensitive political environments, ensuring safety, security of information and defence against corporate espionage.


Get in Touch


Our clients have engaged Group One Investigations for a number of reasons including:

  • Company executives and individuals wishing to transmit confidential / sensitive data
  • Complete data protection - A complete encryption solution provides businesses and their owners with peace of mind because it protects data in all forms - at rest and in transit
  • Move data securely
  • To maintain integrity of information
  • To ensure compliance
  • To help avoid regulatory fines
  • To help stay safe when working remotely
  • Using encryption technology for data protection to increase trust between parties

For more information on how to secure your information please contact us.