Group One Investigations Is it fair to hire a Private Investigator ?


Is it fair to hire a private investigator? This is a question that we know bothers many Melbournians, when they find themselves in a situation where they are worried about the behaviour or actions of another person – whether in their business or private life.
Sometimes, it can feel that it is unfair to hire a Melbourne private detective, especially to investigate someone who is professionally well known to, or personally emotionally intimate with, the person. To use an archaic old English phrase it can seem as if ‘It’s just not cricket’; in other words, you’re not playing the game fairly. 
If such thoughts occur to you, when a situation arises, it may pay to consider one of the following three questions:
1. Do you owe it to others?
In a business situation, for example, should a member of a team behave in an illegal way, then their actions can have a negative impact on all others who work in that company. The actions of one person, if unchecked, could cause distress or harm to the lives of many others. Damage to your business, for example, can have wide-ranging consequences for those who rely on, or deal with, you in their own business lives.
2. Do you owe it to yourself?
This can hold true in a business situation, if it’s your company, or in private life where the misbehaviour of a partner, friend or family member can cause you both distress and actual, physical, loss. However reluctant you are to start checking up on someone, through the services of one of our experienced Melbourne private investigators, sometimes your needs, whether to be protected from unacceptable behaviour, or simply to know what is happening, outweighs any reluctance.
3. Do you owe it to that person?
The expression that’s often used in difficult personal or family circumstances is ‘showing tough love’. Sometimes, it really is best to force an individual to face up to their behaviour. Finding a solution can often, in the long run, be what is needed as much by them as it is for you.
We know that many people are reluctant to use our services; but answering one of the above questions in a positive way can show this to be a necessary action to take – whether to protect yourself or others, or simply to find the peace of mind you deserve when a situation is investigated and then resolved.

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