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Espionage. Sounds like a cool word, doesn’t it? Conjuring images of James Bond and Jason Bourne, cinema’s super cool spies taking on the bad guys, generally with a touch of swagger and style for days. But the reality of corporate espionage is way less fun, particularly if you are the victim of corporate spies stealing your ideas, information, and contacts for nefarious purposes. Corporate espionage is a dirty business and if you are worried about corporate spies targeting your operations, you need someone with some serious expertise in corporate surveillance to send the bad guys packing. Fortunately, the team at Group One Investigations has plenty of expertise paired with the most state of the art equipment in the private investigations business to tackle even the most devious corporate spies.  

What is Corporate Espionage?

Corporate espionage is a term used to describe when a rival business or individual uses espionage (spying) techniques to try to get information on and from another business. This can range from legal (although not necessarily ethical) means of finding information which is in the public domain, to highly illegal activities such as:

  • Cyber corporate espionage, for instance hacking into a competitor’s computer or sending malware
  • Physically spying by breaking into a competitor’s property or accessing their hard copy files without permission
  • Obtaining information under false pretences such as pretending to be a genuine employee and reporting back to another company
  • Or faking a need to be on the premises such as tech support or telecommunications representative and wiretapping a competitor
  • Unprincipled competitors will also often approach a current employee and offer inducements to them to share trade secrets and inside information 

Corporate espionage is rife and can affect even the biggest entities which have to go to great lengths to protect themselves as this article from Forbes detailing Apple’s experiences with corporate espionage shows. These practices cost companies globally billions of dollars every year in lost revenue.  

Fighting Back with Corporate Surveillance

If you suspect you are the target of corporate espionage, it is highly recommended that you contact a private investigator with experience in this field who also has the expertise in corporate surveillance to detect any problems. Group One Investigations uses state of the art corporate surveillance equipment to detect and track corporate espionage. 

Our equipment is designed to detect illicit surveillance signals, check communication systems, track radio frequency emissions, and investigate all types of high-tech trickery. Our experienced and professional team can provide counter surveillance services for all levels of corporate clients. Based in Melbourne, we provide services across the world and have over 20 years of experience in private investigations undertaking operations such as:

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM): We coordinate a detailed plan of action and carry out physical and electronic searches to detect devices planted by competitors in and around you and your business, during their corporate surveillance activities. The Group One Investigations Team will thoroughly search your house, vehicle, business premises, personal computers, home electronics, and smart devices.

Professional debugging: We will identify any hidden cameras and listening devices, often disguised as everyday objects and remove them or block them, depending on the operation mandate required. For example we might want to leak misinformation to identify whoever is listening in. 

Removal of invasive software: Finding hidden programs on your business computer, business phones (landline and mobile) and any personal devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, that record calls, search history, and can record audio from the surrounding environment. Again, we will either destroy these or possibly use to track down the corporate spy. 

Vulnerability audits: If you haven’t had any issues but are wary of corporate espionage, we can also conduct a survey of your premises to identify potential vulnerabilities in the security of your home, office, and other business premises and facilities. If you have had a breach but aren’t sure where it occurred, a vulnerability audit can prevent further issues and also identify where and how a corporate spy may have breached your security. 

Contact Us

Group One Investigations has a diverse team of investigators, from all walks of life, ranging from seasoned investigators to experts in military and police intelligence capable of planning and executing the highest level of corporate surveillance operations. We also have experienced and professional lawyers on staff who are experts in dealing with a variety of breaches of privacy available to advise on actions and support any prosecutions or lawsuits which may become necessary. If you suspect that your home, place of business, vehicle, or your personal devices such as your mobile phone or tablet have been compromised in any way contact us immediately via another device away from the suspected locations and anything you suspect may have been tampered with. Optimally try to use an alternative email address for getting in touch with us via email or contact us at any hour on any day on 1800 181 880 or for a free consultation.

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