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Although we undertake many different types of work for our clients, everything often comes back to one simple truth: it’s better to know.

Is it fair to check up on people?

We accept that people are often reluctant to face up to what might be happening, or could occur, in their business or private lives. Many also feel that, somehow, it is not right or fair to check up on someone without their knowledge, and this can be in either a family or a commercial situation.

One way to square this idea is to appreciate what might happen if such checks are not undertaken when they should be. For example, imagine that an owner of a business fails to hire a Melbourne private detective to discover whether an employee is undertaking some fraudulent or underhand activities. Even if the person concerned is a long-time member of staff, failure to check could cost that company a great deal – sometimes everything.

Parents often contact us because they are worried about their child’s behaviour – they may feel that their child is associating with others who might cause them to take the wrong path in life, perhaps someone involved in drug-taking, or worse. However hard it is to take action, and to deal with the results, we return to our initial premise: it’s better to know.

How we help

Our work as Melbourne private investigators involves many different aspects of business and private life. Whether a client feels that a commercial partner may not be behaving ethically, or an individual worries that their spouse could be cheating on them, our team – who each have a minimum of 15 years of field experience – can get to the bottom of the matter.

The truth will out, and when it does, it isn’t always as dark as people feared. Many of our clients feel great relief to discover that their suspicions are unfounded. Others are provided with the evidence to face up to a specific situation, one that they know can’t simply be allowed to fester.

If you are worried about a personal or business situation, call us on 0415 559 943 for an obligation-free discussion.

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