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Finding out what you may not want to know about a member of your work team. It’s a simple fact that, if you are the owner or manager of a business, then you spend time checking up on your junior work colleagues. There is nothing unusual or underhand in this, it’s one of the things that you are paid to do. This might include monitoring or assessing their performance, reading and analysing regular reports, and the like.
These actions are unlikely to worry you when undertaking them. But, what happens if you need to investigate beyond these norms? Our team of experienced private investigators, based here in Melbourne, know that there can be a reluctance by many managers to behave in what might seem to be a secretive way, by asking us to check up on the actions or behaviours of a team member.
Why might such a step be contemplated?
You may have noticed a change in the behaviour of an individual over a period of time. This will probably have gone far beyond the simple fact that people have private lives and, from time to time, factors from that area can briefly impinge on their work. The situation we are discussing has progressed to a point where it is clearly noticeable. This might be an individual showing patterns of absence for no acceptable reason. These could include unexplained sick days, or disappearance at regular intervals, and for lengthy periods, during their working day. It’s also possible that you are worried about possible security breaches with key information finding its way to your competitors or financial discrepancies coming to light.
How do we become involved?
In most cases, standard in-house procedures for dealing with such matters have not succeeded, or for a specific reason, cannot be put into operation. Therefore, and we know usually with reluctance, we are approached to investigate the situation. Apart from our expertise in such areas, another advantage is the removal of emotion from a given situation, say where you might be dealing with a long-time work colleague, perhaps one who has become a personal friend. 
After our investigation, you have the evidence you need to know how to proceed with the matter. Often, there will be an acceptable explanation discovered; where there isn’t, you’ll usually accept that it has shown that you did need to involve our team.
If such a situation has arisen, the first step is to contact us for an obligation-free discussion of your possible courses of action.

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