Group One Investigations Can you Buy Piece of Mind? A guide to Engaging Private Investigators in Melbourne


Hiring a private investigator in Melbourne in 2020 isn’t quite like you may imagine based on our image from the stereotypical Golden Oldie style movies. Private detectives today don’t tend to hang out in dodgy old office buildings with our names in yellowing paint on the glass door, slugging shots of whisky from the top drawer of our desks, throwing out one-liners like, “She was a dynamite dame.” Well, unless we’re undercover on a particularly strange case.

These days, professional private detectives are more focussed on providing sound investigative services and giving our clients peace of mind whether we’re investigating a potential cheating spouse, tracing lost family members or doing background checks, which are just some of the myriad types of investigative services we undertake for clients.

Hiring a private investigator in Melbourne is easy, but what leads you to our door might not be and that’s why it’s crucial to find a private investigations agency, like Group One Investigations, which comes highly recommended as professional, discreet and experienced.

You can rely on the fact that in our over 20 years as private detectives, we’ve seen and heard pretty much everything and everything you tell us remains strictly and completely confidential for as long as you need it to. As investigators in Melbourne, we are licenced by the Australian Government and stay firmly within the law, whilst being able to offer services to customers which are not available to the general public. I.e. As licenced private investigators we can offer access to mobile phone data which you may have thought lost, put suspected cheating partners under surveillance, run background checks on new employees or partners, skip tracing (finding a missing person) and have the manpower and expertise to do so unobtrusively.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

If you have doubts, there are several reasons why hiring a professional private investigator can buy you peace of mind:

·         Employing a private investigator will provide you with the cold, hard facts of the matter that is destroying your peace of mind and allow you to decide how to move forward with your newfound knowledge. No more wondering what is going on, you’ll know for sure and will be able to decide how to proceed for yourself

·         We provide an objective and expert overview of the issue at hand. For example, if we’re investigating a potential cheating spouse, we’re able to gather the evidence without our personal feelings coming into play, allowing you to find out what you need to know without having to investigate them yourself

·         Unlike the average person, we’re skilled at operating covertly. Our investigators come from a wide variety of experienced professional backgrounds, including police and military – we know what we’re doing

·         There are plenty of people in our team with considerable resources at their disposal including the latest surveillance gear, high tech data gathering equipment and access to a lot more information than the average person can find, particularly working alone

·         We adhere to extremely strict rules of confidentiality. You can be assured that anything you tell us will go no further, and whatever course of action we ascertain needs to be taken during the course of the investigation will be discussed with you first prior to anything being acted upon. You’re in control of the process at all times during the investigation and nothing will be done without your approval

So, if you’re interested in hiring Group One Investigations as the premier investigative service in Melbourne, the process is simple. Contact us here and we will arrange to meet with you for a free consultation which will allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your wants and needs in regard to the investigation. You may be assured that even if you decide not to go ahead with your investigation, your information and nature of your enquiry will remain completely confidential.

Then, after we’ve met, we will propose a course of action based on the information you have provided us and, if you decide to proceed, we will begin the investigation. During the course of the investigation, we will of course keep you regularly updated with pertinent details of the investigation so that you’re kept up to date with our activities and our progress.

Once all we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we will then provide you with a comprehensive report with our recommendations so that you can decide the next best course of action to suit your needs.

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