Group One Investigations Using Corporate Private Investigations to Protect Against Deception, Theft, Cybercrime, Security Breaches and More

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Corporate Private Investigations

With the world currently in the grip of a sweeping pandemic it has never been more crucial to protect yourself and your company from theft, deception, untrustworthy employees, and dishonest competitor practices. And, as the economy braces for a downturn, now is the time to ensure your corporate security is tight, both at your physical premises and online, to avoid this type of preventable loss of income.  

Group One Investigations has years of experience in corporate investigations. Our highly skilled team uses state of the art equipment and innovative techniques to facilitate effective investigations which bring our clients peace of mind. 

We work across a range of commercial, industrial and Government sectors to provide investigation services to prevent and minimise the risks associated with the issues such as malpractice, deception, false claims, misconduct, theft, corporate espionage, and cybercrime.

Background Checks and Employee Screening 

Pre-employment background screening is a simple but extremely effective investigative solution employers can use to reduce future risks in your workplace. An employee background check including a social media deep dive can help human resources and other employment decision makers ensure that any candidates you are considering for employment are who they claim to be, that their public online presence isn’t in conflict with your company ethos and that their background and employment history is as they have represented to you.  

Dishonest Employee Behaviour

This can be anything from faking illness to get paid time off, or pretending to be ill while working two jobs, to faking injury to claim work cover. With so many people now working from home and “the new normal” taking hold, its unfortunately easier for employees to act dishonestly. 

Businesses lose a substantial amount of money annually through dishonest employee practices. If you’re worried that you’re being taken for a ride our investigators can undertake surveillance services on any employees that are causing you concern to ensure that their claim is legitimate. We’re discreet, professional, and experienced.

We can also help weed out theft by employees. Most employers accept that employees will steal pens and paper clips, but sometimes this can escalate to theft of costly products. The Group One Investigations team can help you drastically reduce theft throughout your business from the factory, warehouse, transit and at the retail storefront. Sometimes just knowing that a private investigator is around is enough to show employees that theft will not go unnoticed and theft will stop. We can also help you add layers of security to your premises to make theft much harder for employees to undertake. 

Other dishonest employee behaviour can include theft of intellectual property, theft of client lists, sharing insider information with competitors and more. Group One Investigations has experience of dealing with all types of dishonest employee behaviour and can put a stop to it efficiently and discreetly and provide evidence to take to disciplinary or court proceedings if necessary. 

Internet Forensic Computing Investigations  

Group One Investigations’ internet and computer forensic investigations are state of the art. Our cyber investigations will locate, extract, and analyse data and associated usage patterns across computer systems, mobile devices and both private and commercial networks. We can track down any illegal behaviour from internal and external forces and upgrade your systems to protect against future breaches. 

All information we find and collect is gathered in accordance with Australian Law. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report which is able to be used as evidence in court, should it be required, or to commence disciplinary proceedings against employees.  

Debt Collection 

Should you be out of pocket due to debts owed, we can assist with debt collection, resolution, and recovery. Our team has specialised training to help locate your target, determine the most effective means of recovery, and proceed with a fast, efficient, and reliable debt collection service. 

Locating Someone 

If you need to locate someone such as a disgruntled employee, debtor, or ex-staff member we have extensive experience in locating people, often called “skip tracing”. In the corporate world, we are frequently asked to assist with headhunting old colleagues and finding non-paying customers. If you need to locate someone for any reason, we can help you track them down. 

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