Group One Investigations 5 things you didn’t know a Private Investigator does.


The term ‘Melbourne Private Investigator’ will probably conjure up a plethora of images of car chases, moustaches and shady people hiding behind bushes trying to find missing persons. The actual fact is that Private Investigators in Melbourne are useful for so many other reasons than finding missing people.
Below are the top five things that many people don’t realise a Melbourne Private Investigator excels at.
1. Looking after your littlies
Private Investigators are an excellent, and more reliable, alternative to nanny cams. Private Investigators can delve into the nanny’s past and even monitor the happenings when you are not able to. A Private Investigator will be able to provide the reassurance you need that your family is being looked after the safest way possible. 
2. Looking after small businesses
Melbourne is booming and small businesses are launching every day. A Private Investigator has the capacity and skills to run background checks on potential employees and to ensure the start-up does not fall victim to card fraud or credit scams.
3. Ensuring divorce and custody transparency
A Melbourne Private Investigator is willingly able to ensure both parties are abiding by custody agreements and are able to ensure any concerned parents of the safety of their children while in the care of the other parent. Private Investigators are also legally allowed to provide photographic evidence in court.
4. Creeping on the creeps
Many people fall victim to unwanted sales call or have a caller hang up in their ear when they answer. If this is a continuous occurrence, a Private Investigator should be called in to use their advantageous technology skills and trace the number to get to the bottom of the harassment.
5. They work with lawyers
Quite often, lawyers are extremely busy. Contrary to what popular television programmes show us, they don’t actually have the time or capacity to gather all evidence for a case. Many lawyers in Melbourne will invest in a Melbourne-based Private Investigator to dig up the evidence for them.
Hiring a Private Investigator is handy for so many reasons. Whether it’s searching for evidence, preventing harassment or simply the peace of mind in knowing that your children are safe, there is an excellent Melbourne Private Investigator for every need. Get in touch with us today.

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