Being able to communicate securely is vital to most of our investigations and indeed, our own operations.

The Problem

One regular client required our assistance to set up a secure environment to discuss and facilitate a confidential and extremely sensitive project in their New York headquarters. The client needed to be able to hold conversations across multiple meeting rooms in the building.

What We Did

Our Secure Communications team checked acoustic leakage, swept the room electronically and reviewed the risk level from neighbouring buildings.

The Results

We identified multiple threats and were able to neutralise them with a variety of methods installing an encrypted noise generator, sound masking speakers, counter surveillance window film and physically secured the building with secure systems and CCTV. The team also advised policy and monitored secure use of mobile phones, devices and all tech for anyone entering the secure area. Other measures are of a confidential nature and not suitable for publication.

To discuss your Global Secure Communications requirements, please contact us.

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